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Complete the insurance activation for your free 10/14 day insurance cover for your new bike.
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Bike & Accessories

Insure your bike and accessories under one policy. Whether you use your bike for leisure or competitions you can make sure you're covered for every occassion.

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Bicycle Shops

At Pedal Pro, not only are we able to insure your bike and accessories, we can also insure bike shops. Insure your property and the stock to give you peace of mind.

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Who are we?

With years of experience in insurance, we try and make all processes easy to understand and follow. This includes our claims experts, who know the love you have for your equipment and the need to put you back in the position you were prior to a claim as soon as possible.

Customer satisfaction and value for money are the driving forces behind Pedal Pro Insurance and we pride ourselves on providing a quick, efficient and hassle-free service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions at Pedal Pro, see below some of the most frequenstly asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, then just contact us.
1Is my bike covered away from the home?
Theft is the unlawful act of taking your bike without your permission. You need to take basic precaution to ensure your bike is secured appropriately. For full details please refer to your policy wording.
2How many bikes can I cover?
We will cover as many bikes as you wish up to the total sum of £25,000. This will depend on the sum you enter when completing your quotation and what is shown on your policy schedule.
3Am I covered to ride abroad?
Yes as long as you have selected this when completing the quotation and is specified on your policy schedule.
4What is Public Liability insurance?
Should you cause injury or damage to a third party whilst in charge of your bike, this policy will cover this. Please refer to your policy wording for more definition.
5Will I be covered for events in the UK?
Yes as long as you declare this when completing the quotation and shown on your policy schedule.
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